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Mother and daughter owned company. 

Kelle Williams and Lauren Taylor founded Kind Good Company in July 2020. 

Kelle - a hairdresser was hit during the pandemic and her business was temporarily shut down, when figuring out what to do with her free time she thought to make candles. 

Lauren who is a graphic and web designer - owner of Lauren Taylor Design Co. decided to join her mother and on this candle making adventure! 

"Our goal goes beyond candles, we want to create an entire lifestyle brand based around positive thinking."

Soy Candles Hand Made in the USA.

Our mission is to create a healthy mindset through positive affirmations and infusing your life with uplifting scents, while also creating a sustainable product. Our candle tumblers are high-quality silk screened so you can use them after your candle is gone. They make the perfect planters, makeup brush holder, pencil holder

...the options are unlimited! 

Kind Good Co’s values are to bring positive vibes into your life.

Be Kind. Do Good.

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