Happy Birthday!

Regardless if today is your actual birthday, celebrate YOU every day and know they you're growing even better with time


Our banana cream candle captures the mouth-watering aromas of an actual banana cream pie. Vanilla and cake base notes tie it all together.  


Every candle comes with a Kind Good Co Match Book


We use all-natural soy wax made in the USA!

Banana Cream Cupcake Candle

  • Height: 5.75"

    Diameter: 3.75"


"I CAN NOT get enough of this candle scent!!" 

- Laurie

"This candle is one of the best scents I have ever smelled! It's perfect all year long. Makes my home incredibly warm and cozy" 

- Rachel

"This is the perfect gift giving candle for others... and myself! Love, love love this scent!" 

- Pat