Handmade with Acrylic Yarn 31” x 24” Contact us if you want a custom made rug!

Love Rug (or wall hanging)

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  • We consider our rugs to be decorative pieces of art. They make excellent accent pieces for any wall or floor (low traffic areas) in your home.

    For stains: spot clean only with gentel soap or even baby shampoo. Do not use any harsh chemicals on them as they can damage your rug. 

    We recommend using a gentle handheld vacuum or vacuum attachment with no rotating brush when cleaning or a lint roller if it’s for a light touch up (or a wall hang).

    In the event your rug becomes heavily soiled you may hand wash it. Air dry.

    Do not put in the washing machine or dryer.  

    Do not bleach

    Do not dry clean

    Do not iron

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